7 - Use

7 - Use

No landscape is never “finished”. Our environments are alive: They grow and evolve as the planting and ecology matures and use patterns change and adapt. We offer landscape management consultancy to:

  • Review ecological, aesthetic, economic outcomes
  • Review landscape condition, and assess repair, renewal or redesign
  • Prepare landscape management strategies – identify objectives and outcomes, and the process to achieving them
  • Landscape maintenance specifications – NBS clauses for landscape maintenance contractors
  • Landscape management programming – A calendar of annual, monthly, weekly or daily actions, or periodic reviews of the landscape.
  • Maintenance contract performance review
  • Landscape asset BIM or CAD modelling – to provide graphical mapping or features, habitats or assets
  • Infill and replacement planting schedules
  • Community landscape initiatives – advice on conservation volunteering, user  and community engagement.
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