2 - Concept Design

2 - Concept Design

Aligned to the agreed Project Brief, we can develop the Concept Design to incorporate the strategic opportunities and constraints, to consider:

Place-making and narrative:

  • We search for the unique qualities inherent in every ‘site’ we turn into a ‘place’.
  • We analyse your vision (and ours) to see how far they can be realised, and how to go about it.
  • We establish place-making narrative through research and dialogue.
  • We retain this narrative to guide consistency from start to finish.
  • We draw, we illustrate and we visualise.

Conceptual Design:

  • Our design concepts makes places function more holistically, and make communities happier.
  • We are regenerative and creative… and dedicated to pragmatism.
  • Our approach brings consistency, richness, life and meaning to place-making.
We will work closely with you, your masterplanners, architects, engineers, cost consultants and others to develop the shape of development, prepare the project Cost Plan and, where appropriate, engage in pre-planning consultations and/or Outline Planning submissions.
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